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Drug addiction recovery is our specialization area that helps individuals lead a normal lifestyle through a holistic approach that involves professional
counseling and scientific therapeutic treatment.

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Customized and individualized treatment plans that focus on underlying core issues rather than a “crash course” on the 12 steps.

safe & secure treatment


Detoxification includes a referral to one of our preferred providers or, if appropriate, an individualized outpatient detoxification protocol that assures a safe and comfortable process.

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Exercise, process groups (we do not provide lectures), art therapy, mindfulness, trauma therapy and community cohesiveness are all part of our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that leads to a “different way to treat people”..


Simply because we focus on core underlying issues. We help you understand why you continue to destroy your life with drugs and alcohol and addictive behavior rather than how.  We focus on core underlying issues such as abandonment, trauma, abuse and lack of healthy attachment, via a holistic and therapeutic approach, which provides the ability for you to experience long-lasting change.

Drugs and alcohol rehabilitation should be more than a crash course on the 12 steps, it should be a journey and process inward.

Medical Leadership

Medical Leadership

Our team of doctors, physicians and master degreed therapists are recognized medical practitioners who go about devising the best strategies.

Federally Accredited

Federally Accredited

We are in the process of receiving JACHO accreditation as well as certified by respective federal agencies such as BBB for conducting professional rehab services.

Sophisticated Clinical Treatment

Sophisticated Clinical Treatment

Our approach to treatment is multi-faceted and provides varying theoretical approaches, all designed to instigate self-exploration and address core underlying issues that have prevented you from recovering in the past.

Personalized Attention Care

Personalized Attention & Care

We offer individualized treatment planning that includes processing family history and the unraveling of core issues, thereby assisting you to develop strategies to change your future.

State-of-the-art Treatment Facilities

State-of-the-art Treatment Facilities

Our rehab center is ultra-modern and has all the best luxury partial hospitalization amenities and facilities that make your stay memorable.

Caring Professionals

Caring Professionals

Our therapists and medical professionals are committed to treating you differently. The SLO Recovery Family is just that…a family. There is no other drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that cares about the clients more than we do. You are our family.


At SLO Recovery Centers, we undertake a purely holistic approach in treating severe conditions related to alcohol addiction, drug addiction and allied mental disorders which are complex in nature and need proper attention. The programs are organized in such a manner that they provide an individual who is a long time addict and looking for a positive change in his / her lifestyle to achieve long-term wellness and recovery.

Our motto and goal entails more than cessation of drugs and alcohol, but rather re-defining and modeling of healthy attachments in a holistic and loving environment. It is our belief that drug addicts and alcoholics do not end up in treatment merely because they drank too much or abused drugs, but rather, because they are avoiding and covering up emotional pain via addictive substances and behavior.  Therefore, treating the drugs and alcohol addresses the solution to the pain rather than the underlying pain itself.  We don’t treat drugs and alcohol (the solution), but rather, the underlying core issues that lead to drugs and alcohol and addictive behavior.

As one of the leading rehabilitation centers in Florida, we offer the most comprehensive drug rehabilitation and treatment that is overseen by our team of rehab professionals who possess years of experience in the exclusive arena of alcohol treatment, drug rehabilitation and longtime addiction recovery.

We boast of the most modern treatment facilities in the form of luxurious accommodations that offers a healing touch to the body and mind in a therapeutic manner and by taking a holistic approach that ensures the best possible results. Get acquainted with our scientific drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment process that is proven through our successful transformation of valuable lives into worthy citizens of society.

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A look at these two videos will give you a fair idea of our drug rehabilitation center in Florida which is aesthetically designed, well-furnished and has some of the finest medical professionals from the world of addiction recovery. It will take you through a guided tour of our alcohol and drug addiction recovery facility in Florida that is scientifically planned and ergonomically designed.


At SLO Recovery Centers, we pride ourselves in being Better Business Bureau (BBB) certified along with accreditation from various other federal agencies that officially certify our services in the field of drug rehabilitation, alcohol recovery and all types of addiction recovery.

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