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Alcohol addiction is like a curse as it affects the mind, body and soul of a person and also everything around him / her.

The two most credible pillars of rehabilitation are Detoxification and Psychotherapy but of late, newer schools of thought believe in employing therapeutic and holistic methods of rehabilitating a patient by cleansing his / her system. Health and wellness in alcoholic treatment marks a paradigm shift in the process of aftercare and support that an addict requires, post addiction.

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Health and Wellness is Holistic and Therapeutic in Nature

What do we mean when we use present day terms like “holistic” and “therapeutic”? In some cases, we also use the term “alternative therapies”. In medical parlance, “holistic treatment” or “holistic therapies” is treating the condition from its roots by taking into account the core underlying issues. Whereas “therapeutic treatment” or “alternative medicines” are those branches which is not conventional, standard and they are not accredited by government agencies. This means that it may not serve any medical purpose or on the contrary it can prove to be really effective, sometimes more useful than conventional medicines and treatment procedures.

Treatment for alcohol addiction in some form or the other is holistic in nature as it goes on to understand the problem from its roots and what made an individual opt for alcohol or for that matter drugs. The whole idea about psychotherapy is to extensively examine each and every aspect in a patient’s life that may have resulted in substance abuse and how to go about the treatment process in a therapeutic manner.

There are quite a few rehabilitation centers in the US that offers activities such as exercise, swimming, trekking, cycling, meditation and Yoga that helps in refreshing up the mind and body as well as rejuvenating the soul. In a majority of the cases, it helps addicts to relive those wonderful moments which they had enjoyed at some point of time in their life but due to their alcohol addiction it just blew away and eventually the ghost of substance abuse took over. At one such rehab center, addicts develop new coping skills and show interest in hobbies which help them lead a sober life, free from drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment through Yoga

Yoga is a traditional Indian healing practice that has gained immense popularity in the US and it has caught the attention of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers or communities across the nation who always looks for therapeutic treatment. According to The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, more than 34 percent of American adults suffer from more than one type of addiction (alcohol, Heroin, Cocaine, Meth, Marijuana) and it is ‘Yoga Therapy’ that helps people experience that spiritual healing of the body and mind. Yoga helps increase the focus and attention as that helps in the entire recovery process.

According to The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Yoga enhances the awareness of the body and mind by energizing each and every muscle, joint and nerve in your body that ultimately provides a healing and soothing touch. Through the art form of Yoga, a patient learns to connect to himself / herself and that helps in getting rid of self-destructive reactions. If a person is able to take care of oneself by effectively dealing with stressful situations in life, then it has to be Yoga which has the power to heal all types and forms of medical condition that is affecting the body and mind.

Over the years, the practice of Yoga has gained popularity in the modern day Western world as it is considered to be the best form of stress buster that also helps in healing chronic conditions that is associated with drug or alcohol addiction.

Meditation and Alcohol Treatment

Meditation therapy also comes from the Eastern school of thought as it is an offshoot of Yoga. The therapy of closing the eyes and concentrating on one specific object helps the addicts to view those negative aspects in their lives that led them to addiction. Through meditation one can learn more about the sources of resentment, frustration and depression that led them to addiction. Meditation is therefore considered to be an integral part of any addiction (alcohol or drug) healing process that shares the same platform as that of psychotherapy and it actually works wonders on sufferers. The difference between Meditation and Psychotherapy is that in the process of meditation, an individual is on his own whereas in the latter, the services of a therapist are required who can talk to the addict or an individual and guide him through recovery.

Rehab centers even combine Yoga with other traditional Asian practices such as Tai Chi which is Chinese in origin and along with breathing techniques and physical workouts, meditation help patients come out from the shackles of addiction and improve their mental and physical health.

The ability or effectiveness of Psychotherapy is judged on how a patient finds newer ways to think. Meditation also works in a similar manner as it goes on to improve the regions around that brain that is directly related to the sense of self, sense of judgment, sense of empathy and stress which actually improves the mental functioning of an addict and he / she abstains from the cravings for alcohol. Meditation is not only a way of feeling good, relaxed and refreshed but also contributes towards the psychological well being of an individual who is suffering from addiction.

Meditation and Alcohol Treatment

Yoga is certainly a form of exercise and the cordial relationship between wellbeing and exercise is known to all and well documented by the experts. Regular exercise for short durations provides a boost to the energy levels within you. Exercise along with Yoga helps in relieving stress, anxiety and depression and help build a positive mind frame that would eventually assist in the process of alcohol rehabilitation. Apart from physical fitness, diet & nutrition also plays a crucial role in the treatment program. Addiction to alcohol can be physically devastating as it goes on to seriously affect the liver, pancreas and the heart. Therefore for repairing the damage done, a patient needs to consume a healthy diet that has all the nutritional value and it should cover food sources such as:

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins
  • Water
  • Mineral Salts
  • Amino Acids
  • Fatty Acids
  • Fiber

Here, at the SLO Recovery Centers, our experienced professionals try to provide you the best support and assistance when it comes to recovering from your addiction by helping you follow a healthy lifestyle that is a combination of physical exercise, Yoga, meditation and a planned diet that definitely has its effect.