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How Long Does Cocaine Stay in your System? A Factual Approach

How Long Does Cocaine Stay in your System? A Factual Approach

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Cocaine, also referred to as “Coke” is a contraband substance as it is purely used for recreational purpose and it is self-administered by millions of users worldwide. Its effect can be damaging and produce serious health related disorders which can turn out to be fatal as well as mentally and physically devastating for an individual who is a long time addict. Apart from the physical impact, the mental health of an individual also takes a big hit. This narcotic is a banned substance in probably all the nations around the world and therefore the need for rehabilitation from Cocaine addiction is a much talked about subject in every civilized nation
or society across the globe. But before that, one need to dive into the clinical facts and learn, how long this drug stays in the system (blood, urine, saliva) and how its effect can be diluted.

Cocaine generally stays in the human system for about 2-4 days as this statistics refers only to casual users who are NOT long term addicts. However, for chronic Cocaine users, the detection window is much longer when compared to occasional users. It needs to be noted that Cocaine level shoots up in the blood only after 30 minutes of intake. But its effect on human body depends upon the dosage, frequency, method of administration etc.

Peak Levels of Cocaine

It is the mode of administration that impacts the peak level of cocaine as injecting Cocaine directly into the veins results in a euphoric feeling that peaks within 5 minutes from intake whereas inhalation or snorting results in peak levels at around 30 minutes. Here, it needs to be noted that Cocaine’s half life is less than an hour which means that it takes only 1 hour for half the cocaine consumed to leave the body or system. Benzoylecgonine takes a little longer time to get eliminated from the system. Even though the amount of Cocaine consumed was less, it would take around 4-5 days to get completely eliminated from the body or system. Cocaine levels of more than 2 ng / ml produce a positive result for drug test.

The Process of Cocaine Intake

Cocaine is administered orally, snorted through the nose, injected in the veins and also inhaled. The process of inhalation is the most common and prevalent among users as the substance is absorbed through the nasal tissue into the bloodstream. It can also be directly injected into the veins as it directly enters the bloodstream and that heightens the intensity of addiction. The process of smoking Cocaine involves inhaling the Cocaine vapor directly into the lungs and its effects can be as long lasting as injecting into the veins though the effect of the intake starts a bit slow in this case.

Time Taken for Cocaine Addiction through Different Modes of Administration

On an average, Cocaine level peaks up in the blood after 30 minutes of administration but that depends upon the various modes and methods of Cocaine administration. The statistics given below reveals a clear picture of the different modes that individuals follow:

Intravenous (into the veins) – Within 5 minutes
Snorting / Inhaling – Within 30 minutes
Smoking – Within 45 minutes
Oral administration – Within 60 minutes

Other factors include the dosage amount, body shape, liver function and how heavily and frequently an individual has used this drug.

Cocaine Detection Duration in Various Body Fluids

Urine – 1-3 days
Blood – 24-48 hours
Saliva – 12-48 hours
Sweat – Few weeks
Hair – Several months and years

Why Individuals Use Cocaine?

Solely because of recreational purpose as it is a “recreational drug” that brings about a trance like feeling in users. In a majority of cases there is a heightened level of alertness and gives a boost to the decision making ability of an individual and that is due to an adrenaline boost. It also helps to relieve fatigue and feel stronger as intake of Cocaine is bound to produce an intense euphoric effect that is desired by all users of this substance. It purely depends upon the dosage and mode of administration on how high one can get through a single dose. This ‘high’ feeling is often referred to as “Rush” which gets more powerful after every single intake or use.

How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Blood?

A very small part of Cocaine may stay in the system and can be easily detected in the bloodstream even after 48 hours of intake. Cocaine concentration in blood holds the key to blood testing as unlike other addiction drugs, Cocaine has fairly long overlap time between toxic, lethal and therapeutic dosage. There have been instances when no presence of Cocaine was detected even after prolonged use of this banned substance. But as a matter of fact, extended use of Cocaine allows the drug to remain in the body tissue for a considerable period of time and thus can be detected through simple tests.

How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Hair?

Cocaine concentrations are visible in the hair even after 90 days of intake but one cannot find the traces in the root of the hair. That means there are traces of Cocaine in the hair until the hair falls out or it is cut-off. Traces of Cocaine can be found in an individual’s hair even after many years he / she has stopped taking this drug.

How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Urine?

There is no exact period of detection of Cocaine in urine as the Cocaine metabolites may be excreted with the urine even after several weeks of intake. If the concentration is very low, it may be detected during the initial hours however heavy intake of this substance can result in detectable amounts to be traced even after 10-12 days of usage.

Long Term Effects of Cocaine

The intake of this drug causes some serious complications in the long run which can be life threatening at times and thus proper consultation and care is required which is only possible through an acclaimed drug rehabilitation center that has hardened professionals in the area of Cocaine rehabilitation. Some of the long term health effects of Cocaine addiction are as following:

  • Hypertension
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucination
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Decreased bone density
  • Damage to the blood tissues
  • Permanent tooth decay
  • Cardiac ailments
  • Serious damage to lungs and liver

Therefore, if you want to change your life for good, consult an acclaimed Cocaine rehab center in Florida that has the best of luxury facilities and amenities which offers both Inpatient and Outpatient drug treatment by addressing the core underlying issues and by adopting a 100% holistic approach. It requires a complete therapeutic approach to addiction treatment that shows definitive and guaranteed results.



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