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What is an Alcoholic?

What is an Alcoholic?

An alcoholic is a person of any gender who suffers from alcoholism. This person has that distinct physical desire to drink alcohol further than his or her capability to control it, nonetheless of the rules of common sense. An alcoholic is obsessed with alcohol and he or she cannot control how much he or she consumes, even when it causes serious issues at home, work or financially.

Alcoholic abuse pertains to people who don’t show the features of alcoholism yet still have a concern with it. They’re not as dependent on alcohol as what an alcoholic is. They haven’t yet completely lost their ability to control alcohol consumption. Moderate alcohol consumption wouldn’t generally trigger any physical or psychological harm. But, in the case of some people, social drinking eventually results to heavier and worsened alcohol consumption that can cause psychological and health problems.

What are the Signs of Alcoholism?

The indications of alcohol abuse and alcoholism are extremely the same and are usually just a question of intensity or degree. Usually, the person to be aware that he or she has a serious drinking problem is the alcoholic herself or himself and the person is in denial. The signs of alcoholism include the following:

  • Drinking alone
  • Drinking privately
  • Cannot limit how much liquor is consumed
  • Having rituals or being annoyed when such routines are disturbed and commented on. It can be drinking before or during or after meals and after work
  • Dropping activities or hobbies that he or used to have fun with as he or she started to lose interest in them
  • Having the urge to drink
  • Feeling irritable when drinking time approaches and the feeling may get worse when alcohol is unavailable
  • Having some relationship problems because of drinking
  • Having problems at work due to drinking or drinking being the main cause
  • Financial issues trigger by drinking
  • Having the need to drink more alcohol to feel the effect of it

A person abusing alcohol might have most of such symptoms, but he or she doesn’t have the withdrawal signs that can be seen on an alcoholic.

Causes of Alcoholism

Alcohol dependence is the gradual process that could take from a few years to decades to turn out to be an issue. In the long run, regular consumption of alcohol may disrupt the balance of the chemical GABA in the brain that controls impulsiveness and glutamate that stimulates the nervous system. Brain dopamine levels are raised if we consume alcohol. Dopamine levels might make drinking experience much more gratifying. Over the long or medium-term, excessive drinking could significantly change the levels of such brain chemicals, making the body crave for alcohol to feel great and get rid of that bad feeling.

Seeking Assistance for Alcoholism

When you or one of your relatives struggles with alcoholism, help will always be available. Outpatient and inpatient programs and support groups could help you in turning your life around. You should not hesitate to seek help today for more details on how you can get started on recovering from alcoholism.



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