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How Long Alcohol Stays in Urine

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in the Urine?

Our body needs alcohol. It provides a lot of benefits such as eliminating the risk of cardiovascular disease, improving libido, preventing the common cold, decreasing the development of dementia, reducing the risk of gallstones, preventing diabetes, and much more.

It is a product that we cannot overlook. However, too much alcohol consumption can lead to a number of health complications including hepatitis, cirrhosis, high blood pressure, colon cancer, etc. So, moderation is an excellent solution to prevent complex health problems in the near future.

Have you been asking yourself how long does alcohol stay in urine? Are you eager to know when urine is alcohol-free? If so, let’s take a look at the following. Perhaps, you will be able to gain a valuable insight.

Alcohol may last in your urine from 12 to 36 hours. But, it depends on consumption and the types of urine tests because there are some that can detect alcohol for up to 48 and 80 hours. Thus, alcohol remains in urine over long periods of time. When tests cannot identify the beverage, other tools may be taken into account.

Determining How Long Alcohol Stays in the Urine System

Identifying how long alcohol stays in your urine depends on a range of factors. Primarily, it will be based on the type and amount of alcohol consumption, food intake, age, gender, and other important variables.

Urinalysis is considered the chemical, physical, and microscopic examination of the urinary content of a person according to MedlinePlus. There are two ways of collecting urine such as clean catch urine specimen and 24-hour urine collection. A general urinalysis might detect the presence of alcohol up to 48 hours after consumption.

EtG Testing

Nowadays, most of the laboratories employ EtG Test in order to discover how long alcohol stays in urine. It is commonly known as Ethyl Glucuronide Test, which is a biomarker that identifies whether the body has metabolized alcohol or not. When it is utilized, it can detect the presence of alcohol within 80 hours. Though you have consumed any alcoholic beverage over three days ago, EtG Test can detect it in your urine system.

EtG detects ethyl Glucuronide in the urine, which can confirm alcohol consumption from 3 to 4 days after intake. It is also called as “80-hour test” to distinguish ethyl alcohol ingestion. It has emerged as the number one choice among service providers out there. With the continuous technology innovation, it is available across the world nowadays.

Though the presence of ethanol is no longer measurable by using traditional methods, EtG test can still find out alcohol content without hassles. It will never disappoint nor frustrate a provider for sure. It is more advanced and useful than other tests. EtG Test is proven effective and efficient to ascertain ethyl Glucuronide presence in urine. EtG is recognized as a direct metabolite in alcoholic beverages.

Why Checking Alcohol in the Urine is Important?

Checking alcohol in urine system is very salient. As a matter of fact, there are various reasons why it is necessary as follows:

  • Monitoring in alcohol rehabilitation centers, where thorough abstinence is highly required.
  • A person is under a zero tolerance order by the right authority.
  • Warning signs of a relapse in alcohol addiction recovery.
  • Comparing it with the blood alcohol test results to determine legal impairment.
  • Monitoring employees in the working areas.

Knowing whether or not an individual has been drinking alcoholic beverages can ascertain his capability to act in a responsible manner. After alcohol consumption, never drive your vehicle to reduce other legal issues and achieve optimal safety that you cannot afford.

The factors that greatly affect the ability of alcohol to be identified in urine depends on a number of variables such as sex, food, medications, illness, individual metabolism, genetics, and Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC).


When a man (140 pounds) consumes two cans of alcohol in an hour, he will have a lower Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) than a woman with the same weight. The reason behind is that men have higher enzyme hydrogenase. It breaks down alcohol molecules when the latter reaches the stomach. This facilitates metabolism. Furthermore, women have higher BAC before menstruation because of lower water percentage.


When an individual eats before or while drinking, stomach enzymes will start digesting foods rather processing the alcohol. As a result, it can block alcohol infiltration. In addition, foods that are rich in protein can tremendously affect alcohol processing. So, make non-protein foods as alternative boozeepetizers.


Generally, prescription medications can block processing of alcohol. More particularly, they impede enzymatic activity. Antidepressants, sedatives, and non-prescription medications can maximize alcohol absorption in small intestines and boost higher BAC. Moreover, alcohol stays in urine within a long run that can be detected by EtG test.

Illness and Disease

When an ill person drinks alcohol, the presence of the beverage stays longer in urine than a healthy individual. If the disease causes someone to dehydrate, drinking alcohol can reduce enzymatic activity. Apart from that, lack of water can affect the ability of the liver to eliminate alcohol.

A lot of people believe that drinking eight glasses of water or more can reduce alcohol. Nonetheless, it is just a misconception because the liver is the one that lessens and metabolizes alcohol. When you feel bothered on how long does alcohol stay in urine, eat non-protein foods or avoid drinking the beverage.

Individual Metabolism

Other people have quicker metabolism than others, which can make alcohol processing fast. Aside from genetics, metabolism can be controlled by lifestyle, physical activity, and sleep. It also correlates with individuals who have healthy lean mass as well as body fat.

Whether you have a high rate of metabolism or not, you can successfully dwindle alcohol content in your urine system. Just make sure to have a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious foods and vegetables. Drink alcoholic beverages in moderation. Consider problems in a positive manner to feel happy and inspired at all times. In addition, integrate exercise into your daily routine.


Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (ALDH) and Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH) are the two enzymes that control alcohol metabolism. They are encoded by different genes according to expert geneticists. When ALDH and ADH increase, they have a strong influence on how long alcohol stays in urine. They can also boost the risk of a user to be an alcohol abuser.

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

When there is a five percent of alcohol that reaches the kidney, the body excretes alcohol through urination. It inhibits vasopressin alcohol, which is a hormone that conserves body fluids. When there is not enough vasopressin, you will urinate a large amount of alcohol ingestion. But, it is necessary to understand that the alcohol content in your urine system is still be detectable depending on your consumption.

Simple and Effective Ways to Speed Alcohol Metabolism

Have you been drinking alcohol for the past few days? Do you feel bothered with the urine test required by your company? If so, worry no more as there are efficient and useful ways to eliminate alcohol as quickly as possible. When asking on how long does alcohol stay in urine, it lasts from 12, 36, 48, to 80 hours. By using the given solutions, your urine will be alcohol-free with a peace of mind.

  1. Eat Probiotic Foods

Eat Probiotic FoodHigh-quality yogurt, Kim chi, and pickled foods are rich in probiotic bacteria that can effectively reduce alcohol oxidative damage. When you have been suffering from gastric stress because of too much alcohol ingestion, a probiotic mixture is an amazing solution that you can ever use. You can also use miso, tempeh, ginger, seaweed, and much more.



  1. Drink Green Tea

Drink Green TeaAside from probiotic foods, you can also try green tea. It has a higher level of antioxidants (epigallocatechins) that protect the liver from alcohol-related damages. It can also speed alcohol detoxification from your body. When you undergo a urine test for whatever purpose, the presence of the beverage will never be detected.

Drinking green tea can also avoid a hangover (short-term effect). You can surely perform according to the company standards. Thus, high productivity and magnificent performance will be attainable. For the long-term effects, you will never gain fat around your belly.

  1. Drink Enough Glasses of Water with Citrus

Drink Water with Citrus Too much alcohol ingestion can lead to dehydration. Alcohol metabolization can also maximize losing water in the body, especially from cells and bloodstream. To address the problem, you should drink more glasses of water with citrus. This is rich in minerals including bioflavonoids or hesperidin that can enhance alcohol elimination.

When you know a lot of diet drinks with artificial sweeteners in the market, never use them because they will never help. As a matter of fact, they can cause numerous health issues in return. Thus, a natural solution like drinking water with enough citrus is an extraordinary alternative.

  1. Eat Green Veggies and Fruits

Eat Vegetables According to recent studies, asparagus can protect liver cells after alcohol ingestion. It provides many nutrients that enhance enzyme function, which can prevent a hangover. Never eat foods that are rich in protein because they will just block enzymatic activity.

So, the processing of alcohol will be affected. When you’re thinking how long does alcohol stay in urine, it will last up to 48 or 80 hours for sure. With enough asparagus intake, your urine will never have ethyl Glucuronide.

When you do not like asparagus, fruits are great choices. They have a high level of antioxidants and low glycemic. They are rich in fructose that will primarily accelerate alcohol metabolism. You may try eating more apples to address your dilemma. Furthermore, you can also consider other green veggies.

  1. Regular Exercise

Regular ExcersiseBased on the latest researches, exercising on a daily basis is helpful in eliminating toxins that are associated with alcohol. Through proper exercise, you will start sweating, which is one of the awesome ways to eliminate alcohol from the body. It can also promote good breathing rate, and boost the levels of oxygen in the blood that can help metabolize alcohol.

If you have been using commercially manufactured products to lessen the presence of alcohol in urine, exercise regularly instead. That way, you will not only enhance enzymatic activity but also gain bigger savings. Besides, you will be more physically fit and healthy.

  1. Abstinence

How long does alcohol stay in urine has been the question that avid consumers ponder? When you drink alcohol prior a urine test, EtG will be possibly detected. You will never pass EtG test and get punished. If determining whether you consume the beverage or not is one of the company rules, you may be terminated. A week before a urine test, you can definitely drink alcohol.

If you are a heavy drinker of alcoholic beverages, you will suffer many diseases that are related to the liver, blood pressure, etc. So, moderation is one of the best solutions you can make.

When you do not see and feel better results, abstinence is what you completely need. However, choose a responsive and relevant center.

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Why Employers Implement EtG Test?

A lot of business owners conduct EtG Test for various reasons as follows:

  • Increase Productivity – When employees are drunk, they cannot perform their roles well. They cannot finish all urgent tasks that can affect a team and the company as a whole. When they are free of alcohol, they can achieve a great performance at all times. Also, they are active, focused, disciplined, and committed towards their roles.
  • Avoid Conflicts – Individuals say that alcoholic beverages can cause misunderstandings. That is why urine test is carried out on a regular basis. So, a company with employees who do not drink alcohol more often can achieve a friendly environment.

Bottom line, when you are curious on how long alcohol stays in urine, it may last from 12, 36, 48, to 80 hours. The presence of alcohol content may still be detected after a few days. However, it all depends on the consumption.





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