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How to Help Someone in Denial of their Addiction

How to Help Someone in Denial of their Addiction

It could really mean a challenging task to help someone who denies his or her addiction. This is simply because of the fact that one has his or her defense mechanisms and also will be unwilling to recover. For someone who is seriously willing to help, he or she may also offer a lot of hope, experience and wisdom.

In any form of addiction, be it drug, alcohol and the like, help from loved ones or family members will be highly appreciated. Remember as well that the person involved in the addiction could no longer think and act well because of drug.

Tips When Dealing with Someone in Denial of their Addiction

Addiction is Usually Related to Family Problem

Addiction is not only focused on the alcoholic or addict. It will also involve all those people closed to the addicted person. This only means to say that there is a need to constantly think about the solutions and suggestions for the peace of mind and well-being of all.

Since people who are addicted are not able to recover by themselves, they usually need help. Addiction is the root cause of the problems in relationships. Thus, it is best to offer some support when necessary.

Be More Specific When Talking About the Addiction to a Person Involved

As mentioned, despite the fact that your family member is addicted, it is still essential to know that he or she is not really a bad person. He or she is just in a deep denial. This will also cause loved ones to act in a negative and bad way and this will cause hurt to people involved.

  • Make use of “I” phrases like “I noticed” or “I was worried”
  • Discuss about the negative effects of using drug, or taking alcohol to family, sports, career and other commitments
  • Never be surprised or discouraged if loved ones still continue the problem. Never take it personally but rather just remain supportive
  • Keep in touch with loved ones to ask for help. You will be amazed as this is a one step to recovery.

Ways to Help a Person Addicted

It could be possible that your loved one wants to get some help. One is only waiting for your help or for a family member’s help. It is rather a good idea to talk to him or her seriously. Express your concerns for him or her. And if ever one has agreed on your intentions, he or she will now agree for a formal evaluation by a medical professional and substance abuse counselor.

Someone who is in denial of their addiction and now wants to ask for help may be interested in attending outpatient or inpatient addiction treatment. This will be an effective solution to handle and manage the addiction issue. A professional and expert help will also be provided at a treatment center. It will be the key solution to the successful procedure.




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