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Drug Rehab Centers in Florida – A Drug Treatment Center From SLO Recovery Centers

At SLO Recovery Centers, we assist individuals to overcome addiction. Our primary focus is on core issues that create a need for the individual to utilize addictive substances and behavior as a means of avoiding emotional pain. Although the 12 steps program is an integral part of an addict’s recovery.

The 12 steps are free. We don’t believe in charging for something that is free!

At SLO Recovery Centers, we embark on a holistic life-long journey of healing and wellness. The client will work from the inside out and find peace within.

What is Drug Addiction or Substance Abuse?

Drug addiction is defined as a chronic and often relapsing disease of the brain, where the client is dependent on a substance or behavior to avoid emotional internal pain. Often this includes both emotional and physical dependence that requires detoxification.

Drug addiction is a chemical change that occurs in the brain of an individual when he/she is under the influence of banned substances such as drugs and alcohol, urging them for more of such substances on a regular basis. It is characterized by an overwhelming need to get an euphoric feeling and that is a feeling of being high under the influence of substances such as Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana or prescription drugs which are considered as banned substances in the entire United States of America. Drugs essentially reconfigure the brain and redefine the way a person experiences euphoric pleasure and satisfaction. It is like a compulsion to maintain the high level of euphoria which results in a never ceasing quest or craving for more, knowing it is causing adverse or ill-effect on their health and on their social well being.

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Drug detox can be accomplished either Partial hospitalization at one of our referring centers or on an outpatient basis.

The experts at SLO Recovery Centers will assist the client determine the most appropriate avenue and assist in implementation thereto.

Drug Rehabilitation

Statistics reveal that drug addiction or substance abuse is on the rise in the United States of America and if you go by the figures and records of Drug Addiction Warning Network (DAWN); in the year 2015, there were more than 3.5 million Americans who went to Recovery Centers or enrolled themselves in drug rehabilitation programs for treating their emergencies resulting from banned substance abuse. The figures were considerably high in cases related to Cocaine, Heroin, Meth and Marijuana addiction when compared to plain alcohol addiction.

The number of drug addiction related cases are at an all time high and therefore the drug rehab centers in Florida are receiving an increasing number of patients suffering from substance abuse and we at ‘SLO Recovery Centers’ have a dedicated team of therapists, doctors and physicians, working round the clock to help you get quality treatment and expert care in a 24/7/365 environment. We have a well thought out Partial hospitalization and Outpatient program that help sufferers recover from their severe condition in a purely therapeutic manner as it addresses the core underlying issues rather than blindly following the “12 Steps Approach” which is somewhat standard for all drug rehab centers in Florida.

To learn more about the most scientific, therapeutic and holistic drug abuse rehab program in Florida, call
(877) 659-4555 and our Florida drug rehab professionals would be more than happy to help you out. It is basically the treatment for dependency on drugs and to bring out an individual from the clutches of drugs. Due to the chronic nature of this problem, drug rehabilitation is best carried out with the help of expert therapists and medical practitioners who help identify the core underlying issues and then chalk out a plan related to drug addiction and thereafter administer the best treatment.

Drug rehabilitation or Drug Rehab at SLO Recovery Centers, is the process of addressing why an individual destroys their life through abusive behavior and substance dependence. A brief description of the process is as follows:

  • Detox: Collaboratively, we will decide whether the client is in need of medical detox and whether this requires a referral to one of our partner detox centers or alternatively, whether detox can be accomplished on an outpatient basis.
  • Thereafter, the client is evaluated for medical necessity and level of care.
  • The client will undergo a complete assessment that includes psychological testing as well as a complete medical workup to determine if underlying medical or psychological issues are adding to the individual’s problems.
  • Collaboratively, a determination will be made as to the correct level of care required, Partial hospitalization, partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient.
  • The process begins with a complete history from infancy to present whereby we identify dysfunctional patterns that were internalized and repeated through adolescence and adulthood.  This process provides the client a snapshot of their life.
  • The client identifies core issues such as co-dependency, shame and self-hatred.
  • The client works with a licensed clinician to develop a re-definition of dysfunctional definitions learned throughout their life.
  • The process of self-love begins through techniques such as mindfulness, EMDR and inner child processing.
  • The client participates in a four-day family program whereby all clients are directly involved with process work.
  • The client will participate in an intensive, process oriented 3-day workshop to help them better address feelings such as anger, sadness, shame and fear.

Most Commonly Abused Drugs or Substances in the US

Going by the records of National Institute on Drug Abuse, the most commonly used drugs are:
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Anabolic Steroids
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Inhalants
  • Nicotine
  • Cough Syrup
  • Stimulants
  • Hallucinogens
Below is a listing of issues addressed at SLO Recovery Centers:
  • Psilocybin
  • Over the counter prescription abuse
  • Opioid and Opiates dependence and abuse
  • Benzodiazepine abuse and dependence
  • Stimulant abuse and dependence
  • Depressants
  • Cough Syrup
  • Anabolic Steroids
  • Inhalants
  • K2/Spice
  • Mental Health issues such as bi-polar disorder and borderline personality disorder

The Process of Rehabilitation

It is all tailored and customized according to the specific needs of an individual and our counselors, therapists, physicians and doctors, all play their part, reducing or completely suppressing the demand for certain drugs or prescription medicines. Our drug rehabilitation program can be simplified and broken into smaller steps and they are:

Initial Assessment – Making a formal contact with the individual or the sufferer wherein our team of doctors, behavioral counselors and therapists create an individual treatment plan. We have a foolproof plan in place for all individuals who enroll into our program and ensure that he / she gets the best therapeutic treatment after having gone through an initial assessment by our team of experts who customize one such individual or family drug rehab program.

Drug Detoxification – Detox is an essential therapy to get rid of all the harmful body toxins which is the first step of any credible drug or alcohol rehab program. The detox program should be carried out under the guidance of certified and trusted drug rehab professionals at a government certified drug rehab facility. It is necessary to get rid of the toxins from the body for any successful drug rehabilitation program

Drug Rehab – Getting rid of the drugs from the system is the beginning of the healing process by understanding the core underlying issues and this is the basics of any fruitful drug rehabilitation process that addresses the core issues. It needs to be understood that once the core issues of an individual gets addressed, the recovery or rehabilitation process becomes easier.

Aftercare – This is one of the most essential aspects of any productive drug rehab program as it ensures that the transformation that happened during the rehabilitation process endures or stays permanently. That is only going to happen when the skills and lifestyle learned during the rehab process becomes a part of your lifestyle.

Drug Rehab Treatment

A drug rehab treatment can be of various types and they are classified as:
  • Partial hospitalization treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP)
  • Family rehab program
Other types of treatment include:
  • Drug detoxification
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Individual and group therapy

Enrolling yourself in a drug rehab program is certainly a great idea as it gives a new meaning to your life where you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle by getting rid of the urge of drug (Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin and Prescription Drugs) by getting to identify the important factors that led to such an addiction.

The prior outline is a brief description of SLO Recovery Centers approach to holistic wellness. However, it is so much more than can be put into words. SLO Recovery Center’s approach is based on Love, caring and strong relational community. It is an experience that should not be missed by any addict seeking to recover and achieve wellness.


Road to drug and alcohol recovery is easy if you follow our extensive addiction recovery guide.