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Ativan- The Addiction, Craving And Treatment Details

A lot of people get stunned when they discover that the drugs prescribed to their friends or family could heighten the chances of acquiring an addiction. This is also alarming that those prescribed drugs are from a practitioner. Regrettably, it’s undeniably accurate, exclusively, when our research moves towards Ativan. This drug belongs to benzodiazepine family of drugs and is also known as lorazepam. It can alter and transform brain chemistry and trigger addictive vicissitudes.

An addiction to Ativan is positively serious, but there is also a huge motivation to not to lose hope. These benzodiazepine dependencies are astoundingly receptive to therapy and care.

On a day to day basis, scientists get improved perception about the comportment of these addictions and what can be done to prevent them. Conclusively, this also indicates that people suffering from this addiction have higher rates of overcoming it with appropriate and appraised therapies and prescriptions.

Apprehending Ativan addiction

The United States DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has cataloged the medications by their ability to make users addict of such medications. It means that medicines with an elevated threat of abuse come with a fixed control. On the other hand, the drugs that aren’t widespread objectives of abuse are not highly categorized. At present, Ativan is graded on the list of IV drugs. It also sanctions that connoisseurs deliberate it to be a low-risk medicine.

Experts have been of the opinion that benzodiazepines aren’t causing any addictive changes in the brain. They also consider it ‘low addiction substance’ because of its mild approach towards the brain pleasure point.

Benzodiazepines work on the GABA receptors, which ensured specialists that the addiction is low-key than oxytocin, dopamine or serotonin.

This collective approach has alleviated the prescriptions written per-annum on Ativan. As per ‘Med Page Today,’ there were approximately 80 million medicines for benzodiazepines reported in 2006. 94 million of such prescriptions were also reported in 2013. Now, this indicates a huge level of the Ativan intake, highlighting that all the pharmacists and drugstores were selling Ativan on huge demand and supply.

As soon as people start using these pills, they show signs of addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the brain chemical activity concluded with GABA and regular drug users was not at all different.

Endangerments of Ativan addiction

Ativan is certainly a powerful drug, which in broad-spectrum, is reflected as an innocuous pill to routine prescription.

Conferring to a recent research circulated in American Family Physician, it’s sporadic for public to overdose on Ativan unaided. The medicine is a strong sedative, but alone it will not be a threat. People addicted to Ativan tend to involve other harmful drugs to get additionally high or even for the fun-factor. Those extremely aggressive drugs supplemented can form a strong brain retort and typical mix-up are:

  • Liquor
  • Antidepressants
  • Anesthetics
  • Heroin

These surplus substances can source a build-up of Ativan intensities in the blood. This further affects breathing rate to drop down to a dangerous level. No doubt there is an additional energy boost in the initial intake, but the people have no idea that it is not that fit for them to use such a drug. This mixing of various drug mode is a life threat. In lots of cases, there is no control over any thing’s reaction, people are not able to conclude that they need immediate medical assistance and may flip over into coma or a complete organ failure, which again has a no chance to convalesce.

Ativan- The Addiction

Ascertaining indications of abuse

The key point is to arbitrate when an Ativan addiction is on the show. Ativan is a dangerous drug available, and the families need to take a step to ensure that the lives of their loved ones are safe. As per a recent account of research in the Georgia city, Ativan is next in line to cocaine substance abuse.

As Ativan is having a tranquilizing effect, people who take it can look sluggish and lethargic. The sense of being sleepy or slow can last through weeks with no identified reason. There is a high risk of memory loss, not being able to comprehend, lost focus and low appetite. These may appear as a no-risk factor, but deeply have long lasting effects if go unnoticed.

Not all of the people know about the obvious symptoms, but once they realize the cause of such a sudden change in themselves or their loved ones, they usually step-up to get it cured. If the addicted person gets the support, care, and intervention of family members with information and education, they can start seeing the daylight. This is what the SLO Recovery Centers are based on, i.e. we believe in bringing the patients from darkness to daylight, where they can live without any support of any drug. Their brains start to understand and realize the perils of such heightened Ativan abuse and its outcomes. Once they start to overcome their fear of loss, disappointment and sedation sleep, the chances are high that they will listen and try to cooperate fully.

The inkling for this step isn’t to do the blame game, but to show the full damage they probably are doing to themselves. It’s to motivate such victims and to help them to get the treatment to save their lives.

Transition From Ativan Abuse

With the help, care, and meditation, the people suffering from Ativan addiction will easily change and mend their ways. They need proper assistance, family support, and guidelines, as the immediate change may be risky for their health and well-being. For such care and support, SLO Recovery centers are now in your reach and access.

The recovery procedures require patience and controlled therapies, as the last dose of Ativan may stand still for another intake. There is no need to rush into a change as this might damage brain cells. It’s better to let the transition be slow with experts at hand to control an unexpected outburst.

According to Current Psychiatry, Ativan is said to be an intermediate-acting benzodiazepine. This implicates that it has a quicker reaction on the body than any other drug. At the start of treatment, a patient may be prescribed with a slow-acting drug like oxazepam. Slowly and gradually the change will be noticed, and the body and brain cells will start to respond to low-key dose. As soon as the switch takes place, the therapists can tamper doses without the knowledge of the patient. Some dwindling programs can do this quickly, but the slow change is more acceptable to the brain of the high addicted patients of Ativan.

A Road to Recovery

According to the small study issued in Behavior Research and Therapy, adding CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) can be quite helpful. Though, we agree that a slow march towards the road away from Ativan is great. The CBT therapies will help the addiction to cut-loose with baby steps. Round about 47 people were under this research and exhibited signs of recovery.

The CBT therapy is all about building skills to examine thoughts and feelings. People sit and discuss situations and feelings with their therapists which tend to raise the need to intake the dose. Our therapists encourage every single individual to get back their lives and get control over every emotional situation. It finally enables them to walk out of the rehab facility with a new purpose and approach towards life. They are capable of overcoming their self-indulgence into substance abuse and how to charge control at it.

SLO Recovery Centers believes to give such a life to a drug addict, in which he can lead a better life, being far away from the drugs.


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