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Ativan Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation

Recovering from Ativan addiction can be a difficult process but it is possible with proper treatment and rehabilitation program. Going through the process under expert supervision increases the chances of recovery and makes the process much less painful. There are a number of rehabilitation centers located nationwide that can help through the process of recovery. It is important to provide immediate help to a loved one who is suffering from Ativan addiction to keep the situation from getting worse. The process of treatment starts from detoxification followed by specified inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

Table of Contents:

  • Inpatient treatment program
  • Outpatient treatment program
  • Ongoing treatment and relapse prevention techniques

Inpatient Treatment Program:

During an inpatient treatment program, the patient is required to live in a specially designed treatment center. The length of treatment may vary from a few weeks to six months depending upon the condition of the patient and recovery rate. Inpatient treatment program is highly recommended for the patients with severe addiction to Ativan. During inpatient treatment at SLO Recovery Centers, the patient is provided 24/7 medical care under expert supervision. It is made sure that the patient is recovering successfully without making a relapse.

The treatment starts after a detoxification has been successfully completed. Specific medications such as other benzodiazepines can be given to the patient to help reduce withdrawal symptoms. However, it is important to take them under medical supervision since they are addicted themselves.

Other patients and staff play an important role in recovery during inpatient treatment. The patients are allowed to participate in recreational activities to promote a healthy recovery. A good inpatient program addresses both physical and psychological aspects of Ativan addiction and recovery and that is the reason therapy is an important part of any inpatient treatment program. It helps overcome psychological symptoms a great deal. Different therapies that are offered at SLO Recovery Centers include:

Ativan Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Individual therapy:
    Individual therapy involves only a patient and his therapist. It provides a great chance to the patient to openly discuss his issues to his therapist. The therapist helps the patient deal with every aspect of recovery process such as resisting the cravings, maintaining a positive approach towards life and staying positive throughout the process. It may also help to prevent a relapse.
  • Group therapy:
    Group therapy also holds a significant importance during the recovery process. During group therapy, a number of patients come together and talk to each other or the therapist about their struggles and difficulties. The patients may also discuss their coping mechanisms and success stories with each other. It can be incredibly encouraging to know that other people are also going through the similar pain and dealing with it.
  • Spouse/ family therapy:
    This treatment approach involves the patient, his spouse or family and his therapist. The therapist can help the family and spouse understand the condition of the patient in a better way. It may also help the patient openly discuss his condition and what lead him towards drug addiction. It can help bring the addict and his family closer.

Outpatient Treatment Program:

An outpatient treatment program does not require the patient to live in a specially designed facility. The patient is allowed to live at home with his family while getting treated at the same time. The services offered in an outpatient treatment program are similar to an inpatient one excluding the living in part. But since no constant supervision provided, there are greater chances of a relapse. Therapies are also offered during an outpatient treatment approach. Outpatient treatment is only recommended to the patients whose physical and psychological condition is not very bad. Otherwise, recovering using only outpatient treatment program is very difficult. The advantage of outpatient treatment approach is that the patient may perform his every day duties while getting treated. Also, it is cheaper than inpatient treatment program. It is recommended for the patients who have successfully completed an inpatient treatment program.

Ongoing Treatment and Relapse Prevention Techniques:

Outpatient treatment program maybe availed after completion of an inpatient one to avoid a relapse. The chances of relapse never fully go away and there is always a chance of patient going back to the drug. Ongoing treatment and relapse prevention techniques can be helpful to keep the patient from relapsing.

For most of the patients, there are specific triggers that make the patient go back to the drug. For example, stress. Using relapse prevention techniques can be helpful avoid these triggers.

The following techniques can help avoid a relapse:

  • Joining a self help group:
    There are a number of self help groups present nationwide that help recovered addicts. These groups can be immensely helpful to stay positive and determined and effectively resist the urge to relapse.
  • Having supportive family and friends:
    Having a supportive family or friends can not only increase the chances of recovery but can also prevent a relapse. Supportive family and friends can help you stay positive and stay determined in the time of distress.
  • Knowing your triggers:
    There are specific triggers for most of the addicts that make them take the drug. Knowing these triggers and avoiding them can help avoid a relapse. Stress is the biggest trigger for most of the people. The patient may avoid going to places and meeting people where he fears will be an exposure to Ativan. The patient may also let his friends and family know about his triggers so they help him avoid them.
  • Staying away from drug addicts:
    If you know someone in your circle who abuses Ativan, make sure to stay away from them. It may be hard because that person can belong to your close friends and family but taking this step is important to maintain a life of sobriety.
  • Continuing therapy:
    Continuing therapy even after a complete recovery can be helpful to stay positive. A therapist may also give the patient advice on how to cope with cravings and avoid triggers.
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle:
    Adopting a healthy lifestyle can help the patient maintain a life of sobriety. Eating healthy and practicing exercise and yoga can be helpful in this regard.


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