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Drug Rehab for Adults in Florida – Find Drug Rehab Center in Florida

Our adult drug rehab center in Delray Beach, Florida ensures that all individuals are able to attain long term sobriety and develop life skills that are essential for a healthy and normal lifestyle. We integrate a variety of techniques that perfectly adapts to the needs of our clients by addressing the core underlying issue rather than blindly following the standard ‘12 step approach’. At SLO Recovery Centers, we have individualized plans that cater to the needs of adults who are desperately looking to change their lives and heal from the effects of past drug and alcohol dependence. Our adult drug rehab program in Florida is unique as it takes into account the core issues that result in addiction and how it can be treated therapeutically. It also goes on to address dormant lying issues such as shame, neglect, aloofness, fear, anxiety, depression and anger in a holistic manner and that provides a soothing touch to the client.

Our Adult Rehab Program Features

Our approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation is comprehensive and addresses addiction as addiction. Whether or not an individual is utilizing drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships, gambling, food etc., is not the issue, but rather, the issue revolves around the fact that an addict will utilize any of these substances or behaviors to avoid deep-rooted emotional pain. Our successful approach starts at the middle or core of the person and addresses the underlying issues related to the individuals need to avoid emotional pain with any addictive substance or behavior. Addiction is addiction regardless of the form. Our approach does not compartmentalize addiction.

Our Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab Addresses the Core

Dictionary.com defines core /kor/ as “the central or most important part of something.??? SLO Recovery Centers targets healing at the core of the individual. Although this is painful and meets resistance by clients, dealing with core issues provides a road to self-love and freedom from addiction. If an individual can find an ounce of self-love, their chance of relapse is dramatically reduced. We reach this goal by mapping the client’s past, identifying dysfunctional patterns, redefining dysfunctional defintions, modeling healthy attachments and implementing tools, such as inner child work and dialectal behavioral therapy, as a means of creating self-love.