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Heroin is infamous for being one of the most addictive and illicit drugs as its use is strongly associated with addiction but it’s a myth that one gets addicted to this drug after a single use. However, if you go by statistics, nearly a quarter of those who try it for the second time, become addicted to it. Well, the matter of fact remains that Heroin can be deadly and dangerous for your health and even become the cause for your premature or unwarranted death.

If you are residing in Miami, FL or for that matter in New York, especially in the suburbs of Queens, Jamaica and Bronx, you get to see the streets which are frequented by student drug abusers who unknowingly spoil their life by becoming addicted to this illegal substance and by the time they realize, they’re doomed. The suburbs of New York are literally filled with such addicts who roam freely looking for their share of dose to get to the top and experience that “rush” and euphoric feeling every time.

first time heroin addiction

The First Time When One Uses Heroin

Heroin which is derived from morphine is an illegal and banned substance as it is the active opiate alkaloid compound that is found in the poppy plant. Users of Heroin go for consuming this substance through the process of:

  • Smoking
  • Snorting the powder
  • Directly injecting it into the veins

The action of Heroin starts very quickly in the blood when smoked, injected or snorted. The rate at which addiction occurs depends upon the various routes of addiction and this statistics is shared by the Centre for Substance Abuse Research which is the nodal agency for drug abuse research in the United States of America.

  • Upon injecting Heroin into the vein, the drug Heroin is felt the most intense and its effects can be experienced in a matter of 10 seconds which makes it a preferred form of intake.
  • When injected in the muscle, the intensity of addiction gradually decreases and its effect can be felt in less than 10 minutes.
  • When smoked or snorted, it generally takes a little longer time to get over your senses and the duration taken to feel the ‘rush’ is usually experienced in a matter of 15-20 minutes.

First time users of Heroin will experience a high or a “rush” that is characterized by various factors:

  • The amount of drug used.
  • The mode of use.
  • The purity of the substance or drug.
  • Presence of various other substances in your body.

The first feeling of ‘high’ is somewhat very intense for all those first time users, irrespective of the mode of intake or method of administration. As and when the body develops a tolerance for this drug, the euphoric effect tends to gradually decline after every successive usage. Developing the tolerance levels is actually associated with a phenomenon called “chasing the high” which is actually referred to consuming more of such substance or a change in the mode of administration that is actually an attempt to create a new high. According to the assessment of National Institute on Drug Abuse, nearly 23 percent of the people, who try Heroin for the first time, become addicted to it.

Why People Use Heroin?

  • Experiencing a High – This is what every single individual / addict aspires for when sniffing or injecting Heroin into the veins for experiencing a feeling of ‘high’ followed by a period of relaxation and extreme drowsiness.
  • Self Medicating – Individuals suffer from a variety of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and feelings associated post trauma look to hone their coping skills in order to get rid their problems.
  • Forced Use – Quite a few students may begin using Heroin simply because of peer pressure and that takes the form of addiction in the days to come.

A sizeable chunk of Heroin users consists of those who have abused painkiller drugs or medications. The transition from painkiller to Heroin is really frightening as it provides a feeling of similar high at a much more affordable price when compared to opioid drugs. A majority of states are now severely cracking down upon the distribution of painkillers at pharmacy stores and outlets across the US and this is prompting users to opt for Heroin which is easily available locally. Going by the estimate of NIDA, almost a half of Heroin users have abused opioid painkillers at some point of time or the other.

How Does One Get Addicted to Heroin?

An individual is compelled to try Heroin for the first time to experience what it’s like. In a majority of cases it does not stop after the first hit. The feeling of “high” or “rush” is so extremely pleasurable that a lot many individuals desire to get back those feelings as it becomes difficult to control or subdue your cravings.

With the passage of time, levels of tolerance develops and large amounts of Heroin are required to produce the same sensation and the user is at risk of becoming dependent on Heroin. By the term “Dependence”, we refer to the adaptation or acclimatization of the body or the system to the presence of drugs and therefore it produces a feeling as if the body needs the drug to function normally. Individuals dependent on Heroin will intensely begin to crave for Heroin and experience severe withdrawal symptoms when not being able to use.

What to do if you are thinking of trying Heroin?

Knowing the risks and dangers associated with Heroin, still a majority of individuals try experiencing Heroin for the first time. Before taking a life-changing decision, one should contemplate the risks associated with it such as eventual ruining of family relationship, social relationship, losing friends and getting into serious financial mess.

Drugs can be a really lonely journey and before trying this highly addictive drug, it is always suggested to seek the advice of friends, family members and other trusted people who can provide the best support and guidance on this matter. Visiting a drug rehab center could also help an individual know more about the risks associated with Cocaine, Marijuana or Heroin addiction and how to avoid the craving for such illegal substances that can threaten the very existence of your life.