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How to overcome Klonopin addiction?

Klonopin, also called as the ‘‘k-pin’’ or “downer” in slang, is a blue pill used as a sedative to ease down muscles and treat patients with anxiety. Due to its addictive nature, doctors recommend the pill for short term usage only. Klonopin is a benzodiazepine drug that has helped many people recover from panic attacks and made many addicts. The drug is often called clonazepam and has a high rate of addiction.

How does the K-pin work?

The Klonopin drug affects the central nervous system directly, making the processes of the brain slow and helping the person calm down. The fact that has to be understood is that this easing is not the magic result of the pill, but the drug has affected the brain to a great extent that has produced such results. The drug works by blocking the special receptors in the brain, causing a reduction in stress and anxiety, but leads to permanent damages if taken in high amounts.

Like the other benzo drugs, the Klonopin leads to euphoria and intense relaxations feelings in by slowing down the central nervous system and decreasing the person’s thinking capacity. The positive side is that the person stops thinking of the problems he might be facing which help to ease down, but on the downside, the drug affects the brain and the continued use might make a person dependant on drug and worse; ruin his life. The higher consumption of the drugs may lead to coma or death too, which is why the medication is prescribed for short-terms only.

If taken for more than 4 weeks, the drug becomes an addiction leading to severe dependence and worse withdrawal symptoms.

Dangers of the drug

Individuals, who even take the drug within prescribed limits are prone to its dangers. For this reason, compulsive use of the drug has to be avoided. Remember, stopping at the start is always easier than withdrawing from it.

Overcoming Klonopin

Treating the addiction is a long-term process and requires proper treatment. A person who thinks that the obsession can be overcome by self-control only depends on the amount of the drug a person is used to.

If you are facing excessive addiction or troubles with getting over the addiction, you should immediately seek help. Call 911 or consult a rehab immediately.

Here at, SLO recovery centers, we treat the patients with compassion, understanding the problems and getting to the roots of the problem. We look at the reasons that have driven a patient towards the drug use.

The professionals deal with the drug abuse in a systematic way, dealing with the problems in several stages.

Klonopin addiction

The first step has to be taken by the patient to contact the facility and the rest is done by the skilled professional staff.

The detox process requires taking out any amounts of drug from the system. This isn’t done in a single setting, but the amount of drug is gradually reduced for a person making it minimum to zero. The next stage is a rather difficult one when the person deals with the withdrawal symptoms and at this stage, there are chances that the patient may go down the dug lane again.

Withdrawal symptoms:

The Klonopin drug affects each and every part of the system. Making it an addiction is a problem and withdrawal gets even worse. The drug acts on the human body physically and mentally bringing changes in moods, behavior, and actions.

The addiction to the drug creates a big mess and recovery takes quite a while. Once the body adjusts to the pill, the craving of the euphoria becomes the reason of the addiction. Physically, it attacks the person disturbing the whole routine. The drug results in numbness of the body, Tachycardia, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting, etc. Other than that it causes difficulty in maintaining the balance of the body and driving. As the central nervous system gets weak, a person might get sensitive to sounds, images, and even light.

One might face difficulty in breathing, increased sweating, dizziness, rashes and increased urination.

Psychologically, the drug reacts in a variety of ways, causing auditory hallucinations, change in thoughts and personality, drug cravings, memory loss and difficulty while thinking. The addicts of the drug might face higher depression, irritability, euphoria, and anxiety. All of these symptoms disturb the routine life to a great extent making the person cut off from family and friends and going to illegal ways to attain the drug.

While dealing with the withdrawal systems, intensive care is required for the patients, as the cravings of the drug are extreme and need a facility treatment where the staff has to make the patient believe the pain will be over.

After the detox treatment, the patient needs a lot of care and support and most of all check as the patient is not in his complete senses. The increased drug cravings and hallucinations reduce the thinking capacity and the patient does not think of the after effects of taking the pill again. This is why the recovery treatment takes place in a closed facility where the person is not allowed to leave until he is back to health and the dependence of the drug is completely over.

To help patients the Partial hospitalization treatment arranges group therapies so the patients can have other people to share their experiences and relate. Joining peer groups, afterward, is also a great way to overcome the addiction issues.

After the Partial hospitalization treatment is over, the aftercare program start where the patient gets help to adjust in the outer world. The patients go through weekly therapy to notice if they are again having the cravings and how to stop that.

SLO recovery centers specialize in treating serious addiction problems by getting to the roots of the addiction and trying to solve the issues with therapy. We believe that quality and care are the two major factors in dealing with recoveries and that is why our staff is well trained to understand the mental condition of the patients. All you need to do is to ask for help and the rest will be assured.