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Outpatient vs. Partial hospitalization Drug Rehab Program

Drug rehab is typically offered at several different levels: 1) Partial hospitalization drug rehab; 2) Partial Hospitalization drug rehab; 3) Intensive Outpatient drug rehab; and Outpatient drug rehab. These levels of care have distinct differences in that they require different time commitments as well as differing components that depend on the needs of the client. Essentially, Partial hospitalization requires that the client physically stay at the rehab center in Florida and solely focus on issues related to substance dependence. At this point, the client does not work, eats, sleeps, exercises and participates in the community.

Partial hospitalization (residential) Drug Rehab

Partial hospitalization treatment, as part of Florida drug recovery, refers to treatment in a set location whereby the client’s only focus is mental, physical and spiritual growth. Outside influences, such as friends that use drugs and places where the client socialized, are minimized so that the client can solely focus on recovery while living at the drug rehab program. The first part of this process and many times the most physically taxing is referral to an Partial hospitalization detox program. Depending on the severity of withdrawal experienced by the client, he/she may require a referral to a preferred Partial hospitalization detox treatment. Alternatively, after assessment, the clinical staff may determine that outpatient detox is appropriate and may be able to be accomplished in a less restrictive environment.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment (PHP)

Partial Hospitalization drug rehab at SLO Recovery Centers is typically for individuals that have completed detox and although motivated to change, are still in need of more supervised and assistance with structure and in-depth therapy. Typically, these individuals will live at SLO Recovery Centers, although they will have more freedom than those in residential care and be expected to handle tasks such as taking their own medication and grocery shopping. These clients will continue to be involved with daily group therapy, individual therapeutic sessions and community activities. A client who is appropriate for a partial hospitalization drug rehab program possesses the following characteristics:

  • Completion of an Partial hospitalization detox program
  • Able to fully engage in treatment
  • Highly or reasonably expected to positively change
  • Good family or community support networks

Partial Hospitalization Treatment Components Include:

  • Continued staff evaluation and fine-tuning of treatment plans;
  • Seven day a week treatment programming
  • Weekly medication management and visit with a medical provider
  • Therapeutic and holistic groups daily to include 12-step introduction, sex and love addiction, self-worth, family of origin issues and primary underlying core issues
  • Practice of healthy attachments and community, to include Sunday dinners, weekly outings, book club and inter community support
  • Continuous updating and evaluation of treatment goals
  • Family involvement and a comprehensive 4-day family program; and
  • Planning for aftercare and discharge
Intensive Outpatient Treatment at SLO Recovery Centers

Intensive outpatient treatment is typically a step-down phase whereby the client is capable of autonomy and in less need of supervision. These clients have a high probability of success and are in need of less structure than those in residential levels of care. At SLO Recovery Centers, many of these clients continue to live in our community and continue to participate in daily community building events. IOP includes several days of group therapy per week and continued individual sessions.

Outpatient Treatment at SLO Recovery Centers (aftercare)

SLO Recovery Centers Drug Rehab offers, as the final step of the process, outpatient treatment. This level of care is devised for those that have completed the continuum of care or have less severe cases of addiction. This phase requires the ability to live independently, utilize community resources and have family or outside resources that are available. Although this level of care is dramatically less restrictive, the client still remains part of the SLO Recovery Centers family. Many of these people will continue to visit the center weekly and interact with current clients. At SLO Recovery Centers, we treat people differently and you are truly family.

Our Commitment

We are committed to helping individuals get well. We provide a positive drug rehab experience that assists individuals learn and participate in healthy attachments that revolve around community and loving support. Tough love is not part of our vocabulary and it is our belief that tough love is a failing proposition that does not help people get well but rather helps keep them sick. If you are willing to do the work, SLO Recovery Centers will provide the support and attention needed for you to get well.