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Drug Addiction Recovery Through Family Involvement at Drug Rehab in Florida

Drug rehabilitation at SLO Recovery Centers promotes and encourages substantial family involvement. We believe that family healing and participation in the client’s drug or alcohol rehabilitation is the most crucial part of the recovery experience. Our program provides an intensive 4-day program that provides the client and the family alike, the opportunity to practice healthy communication and begin the path to healing.

A brief overview of the family program is as follows:

1) Family members will meet with the staff and clinicians at SLO Recovery Centers on Thursday evening and all day Friday. These sessions are solely devoted to staff and family members and don’t include the clients. Clinicians will provide both education and process work as a framework for understanding how their family member is healing. Issues such as fear, co-dependency, inner child work and mindfulness will be addressed.

2) Saturday and Sunday is spent with the entire client population, the family members and the client participating in process work. These sessions are extremely emotional; however, healing is typically the outcome.

Frequently asked Questions about Family Involvement:

How important is the family program?

The family program is critical to the healing of both the client and the family. It is imperative that the entire family be given an opportunity to be heard without judgement.

What happens at Family Week?

Family week has the ability to change lives. The family members will be given a keen insight into what their loved one does on a daily basis at drug rehab. The experience is less education and more process of feelings.

We have to travel a long way and take off of work; is it really necessary?

The potential for long-term growth and the ability to re-build or build healthy attachments far outweighs the inconvenience of travel and missed work. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that has the ability to change lives.

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Drug Rehabilitation – Drug Rehab Centers in Florida


The family program is one of the most important features of SLO Recovery Centers. Family support and processing family wounds allows for complete healing of the family system. At SLO Recovery Centers, our family program is a three-day intensive process that extends beyond merely educating the family about addiction, but rather, interactively assisting the family and the client to openly communicate and truly be heard. Total Family Recovery is the process of healing the wounds and moving towards a new beginning as a family unit. The family program at SLO Recovery Centers is the first step.

Consequences of Untreated Addiction Trauma among Family Members

Some of the Major Consequences that can be Seen in Affected Family Members are as Following:

  • Abnormal behavioral patterns
  • Depression among family members
  • Emotional breakdown
  • Complete loss of trust and faith among members
  • Hyperactive situations
  • High risk behaviors
  • Psychological disorders among family members
  • Mental imbalance
  • Feeling of intense guilt and shame
  • Unhealthy bonding with parents

Here at ‘SLO Recovery Centers’, we care for the entire family and have therefore devised scientific healing mechanisms that actually addresses the core problem of drug and alcohol addiction. It needs to be understood that the entire family suffers mentally and psychologically, so a therapeutic recovery process is required to restore normalcy in the behavioral pattern among the family members, especially the children of addicts who are the worst sufferers as they are more prone to behavioral imbalance. With our professional support delivered by our experienced counselors and caring therapists, the recovery process is easy and a definite reality!

This is how SLO Recovery Centers, Florida promotes healthy boundaries which results in long term and sustained recovery and that eventually helps to nurture positive family relationships which are a must for strong bonding and cohesion among affected family members.