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Drug addiction is a complex disease that results in severe personal, emotional and deadly consequences. Recovery is much more than cessation of the substance, but rather a complete de-construction of why drugs, alcohol and addictive behavior continues to be an option for dealing with severe emotional pain and trauma. Although 12 steps remain an integral part of an addict’s recovery process, 12 steps are free and we don’t believe in charging for information and processes that can be attained for free. Our focus lies solely in working from the inside out. This means facilitating the client’s process of seeking wellness from within. Issues such as lack of self-love, co-dependency, family involvement, lack of skill to nourish healthy attachments and lack of childhood modeling are integral to the client’s journey to wellness and holistic growth.

U.S. statistics indicate that the problem of addiction continues to be on steady incline and with success rates of treatment lingering in the 5%-7% range, drug and alcohol dependence is an epidemic. At SLO Recovery Centers, our Florida Drug Rehab provides an opportunity for an individual to get off the drug rehab merry-go- round and finally attain holistic wellness, free from the throws of addiction. Our drug rehabilitation facility in Florida provides individualized treatment planning and treats people differently. We don’t believe that tough love or abusive treatment of clients is the answer. Our model focuses on modeling healthy attachments and providing support in a loving manner. Addicts don’t feel loved and don’t feel loveable and they are too afraid to let others know because they are afraid they will lose friends, partners or acquaintances if those individuals really knew how much they hate themselves. The answer is not throwing people away, they have felt thrown away most of their lives; thus, how is turning our back on addicts the answer? Simply, it is not.

Our drug rehab process is divided into various stages based upon the specific needs of individuals and severity of mental health and addiction issues. Our team of doctors, physicians, counselors and therapists perform scientific rehabilitation therapy, detoxification referrals, counseling and aftercare support that provide holistic wellness and healing of the individual. At SLO Recovery Centers, we pride ourselves on the top behavioral therapy experts who slowly and meticulously process core issues by de-constructing dysfunctional patterns of behavior and re-defining these definitions and developing self-love and compassion. Severe drug addiction is not isolated to Cocaine, Heroin, Synthetic Marijuana, Crack and various other lethal drugs, but also include addiction to sex, love, pornography, food, gambling and any form of the client avoiding emotional pain and past trauma and abuse. We provide Partial hospitalization, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs that focus on the whole person, mind, body and soul. The answers come from within and self-love. All of these programs are evidence based and involve understanding the core issues and redefining wholeness and self-love.

Components of Severe Drug Addiction Recovery

At SLO Recovery Center, we have a long term Partial hospitalization rehab program which ensures the best results for severe addiction, especially for dual diagnosis clients who are suffering from both physical and mental health disorders. We offer a substance dependence track, a mental health track, an eating disorder track and a sex and love addiction track. Our physician evaluate the potential mental health and med management needs of each individual. We know that absent addressing these issues the chance for success is relatively minimal. Heroin, Cocaine and Alcohol addiction are all brain diseases that may deplete the necessary chemicals, i.e., serotonin, necessary to regulate emotional well-being; thus, it may be necessary to address these issues through appropriate medication. We treat people differently and you will be loved to holistic wellness.

When you set foot at our drug rehabilitation facility in Delray Beach, FL, our expert team of doctors, physicians and drug rehab therapists make an assessment and thereafter create a ‘treatment master plan’ and the road to recovery seems a distinct possibility. We provide extensive and comprehensive, process oriented, treatment. You will not sit through lectures and teachings, but rather process of internal issues that help you attain long-term wellness. A brief outline of our process is follows:

  • Detox: Collaboratively, we will decide whether the client is in need of medical detox and whether this requires a referral to one of our partner detox centers or alternatively, whether detox can be accomplished on an outpatient basis.
  • Thereafter, the client is evaluated for medical necessity and level of care.
  • The client will undergo a complete assessment that includes psychological testing as well as a complete medical work-up to determine if underlying medical or psychological issues are adding to the individual’s problems.
  • Collaboratively, a determination will be made as to the correct level of care required, Partial hospitalization, partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient.
  • The process begins with a complete history from infancy to present whereby we identify dysfunctional patterns that were internalized and repeated through adolescence and adulthood. This process provides the client a snap shot of their life.
  • The client identifies core issues such as co-dependency, shame and self-hatred.
  • The client works with a licensed clinician to develop a re-definition of dysfunctional definitions learned throughout their life.
  • The process of self-love begins through techniques such as mindfulness, EMDR and inner child processing.
  • The client participates in a four-day family program whereby all clients are directly involved with process work.
  • The client will participate in an intensive, process oriented 3-day workshop to help them better address feelings such as anger, sadness, shame and fear.