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Addiction has become so common a problem nowadays, that rehabilitation centers are becoming widely available almost everywhere. People are fighting against and trying to get over their addiction to various substances of abuse, drugs and alcohol, primarily. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that more than 14500 rehabilitation centers were made in the United States to cure addiction to drugs.

The most important thing is that you choose the correct rehabilitation center for yourself. Whether you are suffering from addiction to alcohol or you are battling against drug addiction, the key is to find the right kind of place for you. There are chances of experiencing a relapse once you are back from a rehabilitation center. Therefore, choosing the right place for you and staying there till your treatment has been completed is very important. Going to the right kind of rehabilitation center will help you save your time, energy, and money. When you know your precise needs and expectations from a rehabilitation center, it will be easier for your family to entrust you to the care of the center without having any second thoughts.

There are numerous kinds of drug addiction. As addiction to drug is unique to each individual, therefore, the kind of rehabilitation center should also be tailor made for the patient. In case you do not have financial stability, then you can also opt for public rehabilitation centers. But that will take a lot of your time as it involves endless waiting. Private rehabilitation centers are always preferable. They provide the optimum care to each individual, and they also have an all-inclusive treatment program.

Rehabilitation centers that offer medical detoxification are very useful because not only will it cure your addiction, but also it will take care of the physical, mental, and emotional deterioration that you have undergone due to excessive substance abuse. A good rehabilitation center will conduct a thorough check-up before admitting you so that the medical professionals are well aware of all your problems before they start the treatment process, and provide you with the correct medication.

Knowing about the reputation of the rehabilitation center before getting admitted to it is of utmost importance. After a few years of establishment, most rehabilitation centers develop a reputation, positive or negative. Before getting admitted to a rehab, make sure you have done your research thoroughly and read properly about the particular center. Nowadays, reviews are available online. So, before choosing any rehab for you or for someone in the family, read what the previous patients have to say about a particular rehabilitation center. You must be well-versed with the rate of success of any particular rehabilitation center to know about the effectiveness of their program. You will find it a lot easier to get rid of your addiction when you are treated more effectively in a rehab. You must also know that any renowned rehabilitation center must be accredited and all the people working there need to have a valid license. Rehabilitation centers that ensure the patients to provide them with medical aid even after their treatment is over are always preferred. There are high chances of a relapse once the patient is done with the treatment. Therefore, rehabilitation centers must also provide immediate help in case a relapse occurs after treatment.

What to look for in a rehabilitation center?

Both traditional and alternative treatment programs are provided by most rehabilitation centers. Here are some of the facilities that you may look for while choosing a rehab:

  • Private treatment- In the private treatment program, the patients are required to stay in the rehabilitation center till the entire process of their treatment is over. This method of treatment will provide the patients with immediate help in cases of emergencies. The patients will also be provided with physical and mental support all the time. This will ensure a speedy recovery.
  • Intensive outpatient care- In this method of treatment, the patients are required to stay in the rehab during the day, during the course of which they will be under thorough treatment. However, at night they will be allowed to go back home.
  • Outpatient services- In this case, the patients do not need to stay in the rehabilitation center. They can come when they need to, and fix appointments as and when required.
  • Medical detoxification- In this process, the patients are provided with alternative medications to help them get rid of their addiction. Medical detoxification ensures that the drugs are safely flushed out of your system. It also tries to help the patients recover quickly and not get back to substance abuse. Medical detoxification helps to reduce the painful withdrawal symptoms and helps you lead a normal life again.
  • Behavioral therapies- These include therapies like Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This mode of treatment is basically useful to cure the psychological withdrawal symptoms which are likely to occur after the physical symptoms of withdrawal have been cured.
  • Counseling sessions- This will help the patients open up to the counselors about their deep-seated problems which may persist during the treatment. The problems may include severe craving for the drug, anxiety, depression, and in worst cases, suicidal thoughts. Once the patients discuss these problems openly with other groups, they get a lot of emotional support which will help them get over all their problems.
  • Nutritional services- One of the main problems that you face during addiction, is lack of appetite. With abrupt changes in your diet, you go through many health issues which can be taken care of by providing you with nutritional food during your stay in the rehabilitation center.
  • Educational programs- The best way to fight your addiction is to be well aware of all the problems that are related to it. If you know how the treatment program is going to help you in the long run, then you will recover soon.
  • Prevention of relapse- It has been warned by The National Institute on Drug Abuse that there are high chances of succumbing to a relapse once the treatment is over. So, a good rehabilitation center should provide the patients with immediate aid in case a relapse occurs.
  • Fitness programs- Many of the withdrawal symptoms like muscle pain can be cured by regular exercise and yoga. When you are physically fit, you will recover from your addiction and the pertaining problems sooner.
  • Programs to manage anger and stress- Mood swings are quite common to occur while withdrawing from any substance. So, rehabilitation centers should offer proper stress and anger management programs to help the patients feel better while recovering.
  • Create support groups- These groups help to encourage the patients who are recovering from any kind of addiction. They are basically made to enhance the self-confidence of the patients and encouraging them throughout. They ensure that the patients are in a healthy environment and recover as fast as possible.
  • Alumni programs- Being in touch with the previous patients who have also had to go through the same rehabilitation program will induce in the patients a sense of confidence that if the other patients could get rid of addiction, they will be able to do the same. Thus, rehabilitation centers should conduct alumni programs regularly.
  • Meditation and yoga- Regular meditation and yoga will help the patients in fighting against severe withdrawal symptoms like depression and anxiety. It will establish a connection between the body and the mind. This way you will be able to cope with stress and fight against your addiction with ease.
  • Transitional services- These services are provided to patients after their treatment program is over. Before the patients are fit to go back home, they can stay in transitional homes in case a relapse occurs.
  • Equine therapy- This is all about caring for horses which enhances self-esteem.
  • Art therapy- Once the patients have a healthy and creative outlet, they will find it easier to cope with stress.
  • Spa and massage- This will help the patients to reduce the stress levels to a considerable amount.
  • Chiropractic care- In order to relax your body and mind, you need to be under the care of trained professionals who will help you ease the pain.
  • Acupuncture- To flush the toxins out of your system and to enhance the energy levels, needles are inserted in your body. This therapy is used along with alternative healing methods.

How to look for better treatment facility?

The Behavioral Health Services Locator will make you aware of the mental health services around you. With the help of this service you can locate the rehabilitation centers near you. You can also narrow your search by entering your zip code, city, state, or address.

The discretion of the family and peer groups is of utmost importance while choosing the right rehabilitation center because the patient is never in the right frame of mind. Certain insurance companies will provide coverage for the patients’ treatment, and they will ask you to first go through outpatient treatment before opting for private treatment. The representatives and agents of the insurance company will guide you through the process of the payment. The professionals in most substance abuse centers will have a good knowledge about the insurance benefits, and they can also help you with it.

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Tips to choose the right rehabilitation center

  • Exact location of the rehab- The rehab should be located closer to the patient’s home. This will make it easier for the family and other relatives to visit. It is also important because in case of a relapse, the patient needs to be immediately admitted to the rehab again.
  • Kinds of services offered- You must first know the exact kind of treatment that the patient needs. If other diseases are also present, then it is important that the rehabilitation center offers a cure for that co-occurring disease as well.
  • Types of treatment used- It is important to know about the kind of treatment used in the center. The centers which provide behavioral therapies are always preferred.
  • Levels of care for the patient- Always opt for the centers that provide instant aid to the patients.
  • Is medical detox offered- Medical detox is very helpful in treating addiction. Thus, it is very important to find a rehab which will provide a comprehensive medical detoxification.
  • License of the staff and the level of experience- Gain prior knowledge about the accreditation of the center and check whether the staff has enough experience. An inexperienced staff will make the condition of the patient even worse.
  • How does payment work? Before admitting the patient, decide your budget, and have a detailed discussion with the insurance companies to know more about the payment procedure.
  • Find out about the goals of the program- You must know what are the processes followed by the treatment program before admitting the patient.
  • Duration of the program- Usually it takes around ninety days for addiction programs to finish. However, Partial hospitalization treatment may take longer.
  • Are support groups involved? Always go for a treatment program which involves the active participation of the support groups regularly as that helps in boosting the self-confidence of the patients, ensuring a speedy recovery.
  • Family time- Constant support of the family is very important for the patient to recover quickly. Therefore, find out about the visiting hours of the family and other relatives, and make sure you make it a point to visit regularly.
  • Find out about the daily schedule- The daily schedule must include sleeping and eating proper food at fixed intervals of time. Other than this, the daily schedule should include exercise, fitness programs, and communication with support groups.


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